Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A New Camera

Finally received my new second hand camera. Got the same model as the one that packed in it's pixels. Will dismantle said camera and see if it's fixable. That is highly unlikely after I've finished with it.
Ok so what have we been doing?
Assembled the propagation and shade houses. The shade house originally housed young flying foxes in it's last life.
The interior of the propagation house, furnished with state-of-the-art racking.

We now have a small vegie garden. This all came about due to:-
1. The weather warming up and the desire for cold crispy lettuce
2. Not enough fridge space to store a whole Iceberg lettuce.
Now we are . . .
Patiently waiting for the tomatoes to grow and produce fruit.
Lettuces just planted, carrots and corn. The other bed has beans, capsicum, cucumber and more corn.
Will be interesting to see what wildlife this will flush out!


  1. It will be sure to attract some visitors. I just hope they leave some veggies for you!

  2. you are littles pioneers!! nature will always win!!