Saturday, December 20, 2014


Civilisation Advance #5
The washing machine is now ensconced in the laundry.

No more lugging baskets of dirty clothes waaaaaaaaaaaaay down behind the shed. No more turning on tanks and connecting pumps. No more constant walking backwards and forwards to check on loads/fix an out of balance/hang stuff out/take it down/lug baskets of clothes back to the house.
Gawd without all that exercise I will now probably get fat.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

All is Vanity

Our custom made (by moi) vanity unit. Gluelam finger joint pine from Bunnings and the idea from Better Homes & Gardens. Will make timber box drawers to house all our stuff outa sight.
Have timber to make towel rails to match vanity and may put a dark timber frame around mirror.
Lovely to go from having a shower to cleaning teeth in the same room and a not having to peer into a teeny-weeny mirror to brush your hair or dab on some lippy.

AND. . . . 
for all those who winged and made snide remarks about the green patch on our newly commissioned toilet wall...