Friday, March 25, 2016

Trivial Pursuits Feral Fossil Style

Green stuff growing in the garden.  

A feral rock melon and tomato from the compost bin.
 More stuff including a grevillea, a tufty thing that is indiginous to the area, a piece of timber for decoration and . . .
Sunflowers courtesy of the bird seed, and ...
An obligitory closeup of the grevillea flower
And while we're at it you can look at the flowers on the feral tomatoes as well

 Bit more growth, and was going to show you a closeup of the little native bees in the sunflower,however
they all buzzed off! 
Yeah! it is funny!
There are however 2 shadows on the petals of the little elusives. 

The rain tank that was our only source for water until the new one, is back where it came from thanks to a sterling job by ever faithful and mostly starts first time - Bobby.
Waiting patiently for the delivery of our second obligatory tank is the new tank pad.
You all still awake? really exciting stuff next.
 Jim chipping the surface for the next patch
3 patches in a row

Patch 4 done this morning. Use the shade cloth to keep the seed moist. Germination in 5 days.

Not quite enough to finish the lounge room
Going to Bundy next week so will get enough to finish this area.(My knees need a recovery time before we tackle the kitchen dining area)

THIS is the culprit from last night's to-do
Jim dropped one of his pills, and quick as a flash, Jarrah was on it and it was gone. The medication was an horrendous overdose for a dog, and the consequences were dire.
After hours 150k round trip to the emergency 24 hour Vet clinic? 
Nope - Google.
Luckily I had some hydrogen peroxide (thanks jewelry making) and 3 teaspoon later we got it back in three installments. One out side and the new floor has been christened.
This morning no ill effects apart from being starving.

Got a new secondhand camera don't-ya-know and my eyes still glaze over when I read the manual.
So will end with some boring test shots.

Friday, January 29, 2016

More Cos I Know You Want It

The raising of the ground level on one side of the building is done. There are even plants! Some are relocations from on the block, some are from Bunnings and some are ferals out of the compost bin. Have the materials for the other side but are waiting to see how much rain is likely to fall over the next week or so, in order to avoid the laborious task of bailing the post holes out.

Remember the lovely lush green beans? Well they now look like this courtesy of a bazillion grasshoppers.

Remember the widdle gween bwades of gwass?
Well it now looks like this. . .
 Baked out if existence by the unrelenting sun. Do you think that I have pointed out to the Old Codger that the seed packet said to plant in spring/autumn? Of course I have!

Look at the Shed! 
Spent a week re-organising, sorting, throwing out. . . I now know where everything is. 
There is even room for all the car.

Now, if he, who shall not be named, fails to replace anything in it's correct numerical sequence bloodshed will occur. (The other end is yet to be sorted)

Lastly the solar shed has been cleaned out. 
It is now the repository for all the Defense against the Zombie Apocalypse tools.

Whew. I am now going to find a place where I can melt into a quivering puddle while the humidity on steroids hangs around until we get a storm.