Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ourgunyah Gallery

The long timber case has stood against the shed wall for over 12 months. The fragile contents of liquid light cocooned in soft wrappings.
Lately, as I have walked past it, I could swear I heard the soft flutter of wings.
Jim must have heard them too because last week he announced that it was high time the contents were given an appropriate place to be displayed which is the top of a rise on a bend in the drive.
Holes, bracing and concrete poured and this is what greets you on the bend.
At first the panel blends into the bush like smoke.

Closer and forms and patterns emerge

The form take the shapes of spirits of the night.
(Click the photo for a close up)

Each bat has been modelled in clay, a flexable master mold made followed by a high temperature kiln mold.
The thermal sand bed in the kiln is textured, then the molds go on the bed followed by the sheet of glass. Firing cycle is 5 hours with about 15 hours cool down.
Hanging out to get the kiln set up here as there are lots of places crying out for a panel of liquid light.
So the Ourgunyah Gallery is open for viewing. Champers and nibblies on opening night!