Sunday, November 30, 2014

Flushed with Success

Exactly one year, to the day from moving out of our fusty, musty, dusty 'Our Gunyah' we have our very first, fully functioning, modern
 Our waterless toilet.

The pedestal is clean sleek and modern, just lacks the wall tank that everyone is used to.
The seat and lid must be kept in the down position, which may be a problem for some of the male members of society. The closed lid is part of the negative air pressure venting.

Below the floor is the heart of the system. The waste bin with the air venting network, that assists with drying the contents and keeping any odours out of the house. When that bin is full, another bin is put in place and the out of service bin is connected to air system and left until contents have composted down. And the cycle is repeated. More work than a conventional toilet, but I would much rather have a long shower or water the lawn with the water we save with the Nature Loo.

Our plan for the day is, copious amounts of coffee and tea so that we can have an official opening and cut the dunny paper!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

T is for Trivia #2

Also for TABLE
The empty space in front of the couch that was clearly crying out for a 'put-down-surface' after removal of dog now looks like this.
But it's too damned tidy - needs a disheveled pile of books and mags and some empty coffee cups don't ya think?