Friday, October 17, 2014

Ablution Evolutions

First there was Commando Style! 
Great on a warm summers afternoon but quickly lost it's appeal when the chilly winds of winter arrived.
Next was a hastily erected tin lean-to that I was too ashamed to photograph and post.

Next, the only frameless glass shower screen within, oh I dunno, bloody miles!

Followed by camping shower tent in the laundry.

And NOW. . .  

That's right a DOOR! 

You read all this way down through the trivia for an image of a door! 

Bwhahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! bad Greer!!

I shall however, be redeemed.


A real-indoor-in-the-bathroom shower. 
No water connected yet but it will be nice to have a bucket shower in a real shower enclosure.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

T is for TRIVIA

also for TOMATOES
Hiding under the leaves, plump rapidly ripening tomatoes 
The cage is to keep these buggers out, 
and these!

Must have worked because for breakfast we had these.

Sweet plump home grown, properly ripe tomatoes. Just waiting for the bacon rashes to join them!