Saturday, December 20, 2014


Civilisation Advance #5
The washing machine is now ensconced in the laundry.

No more lugging baskets of dirty clothes waaaaaaaaaaaaay down behind the shed. No more turning on tanks and connecting pumps. No more constant walking backwards and forwards to check on loads/fix an out of balance/hang stuff out/take it down/lug baskets of clothes back to the house.
Gawd without all that exercise I will now probably get fat.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

All is Vanity

Our custom made (by moi) vanity unit. Gluelam finger joint pine from Bunnings and the idea from Better Homes & Gardens. Will make timber box drawers to house all our stuff outa sight.
Have timber to make towel rails to match vanity and may put a dark timber frame around mirror.
Lovely to go from having a shower to cleaning teeth in the same room and a not having to peer into a teeny-weeny mirror to brush your hair or dab on some lippy.

AND. . . . 
for all those who winged and made snide remarks about the green patch on our newly commissioned toilet wall...


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Flushed with Success

Exactly one year, to the day from moving out of our fusty, musty, dusty 'Our Gunyah' we have our very first, fully functioning, modern
 Our waterless toilet.

The pedestal is clean sleek and modern, just lacks the wall tank that everyone is used to.
The seat and lid must be kept in the down position, which may be a problem for some of the male members of society. The closed lid is part of the negative air pressure venting.

Below the floor is the heart of the system. The waste bin with the air venting network, that assists with drying the contents and keeping any odours out of the house. When that bin is full, another bin is put in place and the out of service bin is connected to air system and left until contents have composted down. And the cycle is repeated. More work than a conventional toilet, but I would much rather have a long shower or water the lawn with the water we save with the Nature Loo.

Our plan for the day is, copious amounts of coffee and tea so that we can have an official opening and cut the dunny paper!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

T is for Trivia #2

Also for TABLE
The empty space in front of the couch that was clearly crying out for a 'put-down-surface' after removal of dog now looks like this.
But it's too damned tidy - needs a disheveled pile of books and mags and some empty coffee cups don't ya think?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ablution Evolutions

First there was Commando Style! 
Great on a warm summers afternoon but quickly lost it's appeal when the chilly winds of winter arrived.
Next was a hastily erected tin lean-to that I was too ashamed to photograph and post.

Next, the only frameless glass shower screen within, oh I dunno, bloody miles!

Followed by camping shower tent in the laundry.

And NOW. . .  

That's right a DOOR! 

You read all this way down through the trivia for an image of a door! 

Bwhahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! bad Greer!!

I shall however, be redeemed.


A real-indoor-in-the-bathroom shower. 
No water connected yet but it will be nice to have a bucket shower in a real shower enclosure.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

T is for TRIVIA

also for TOMATOES
Hiding under the leaves, plump rapidly ripening tomatoes 
The cage is to keep these buggers out, 
and these!

Must have worked because for breakfast we had these.

Sweet plump home grown, properly ripe tomatoes. Just waiting for the bacon rashes to join them!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Once we get the diamond hole saws that are winging their way to us can finish the wall and then . . . . Well, you're just gonna have to come back

Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Civilisation Advance ...

Most stuff will be re-homed in the kitchen cupboards and this will become the pantry. 

Jarrah is back to his boofhead self. Barking, running, barking, underfoot, barking, going for walks, barking, barking, barking. . . *sigh*
So, not to be outdone, Gidgee has decided that her disease of choice is arthritis. Currently on weekly injections, last one next Thursday and monthly there after and anti inflammatory tabs.
Have given them a stern talking to - only allowed one disease each otherwise the Feral Fossils will not be able to have any.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


400 bucks for blood tests!!!

so who is responsible for this budget blowout? C'mon fess up!!

For about 8 months now Jarrah has not really been his boofhead indestructible self. 
First his coat has been really dull and scrappy, put down to always lying and rolling in the dirt.
Then he would run out of puff during a walk, particularly up hill. Finally a few weeks ago he started dragging the nails on his hind legs and he really seemed quite depressed.

So off to the vet.

Diagnosis:- probable hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid to you)
Still waiting some final test results, but he has been started on medication and after a week we can see an improvement. Much happier and more interested in life in general.  
Good job he is easy to dose twice a day as this is going to be a life long event.
Meanwhile the rest of us will have to live on sausages and mince.
Oh wait, we already are! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Raising the Cone of Silence

EEK look at the time since I last posted!

Bet you thought that we had been . . .
kidnapped by aliens or

dragged into the bush and devoured by the local Yowies
have completely finished building and are lounging on the verandah entertaining the neighbours


The effort to get in by early December took it's tole. Long hot days and lots of unpacking and setting up a civilised interior in time for the Christmas invasion. 
Jim was really tired, in fact he was exhausted so I would not let him undertake anything. 
Lots of 'oh look it's coffee o'clock' and sitting on the back verandah in the breeze admiring the view and watching the cricket.
When the weather cooled off, did some more. Painted walls and floors. Set up the hanging space in our wardrobe. (soooo good to have clothes hanging instead of stuffed into 200 suitcases) We even have wardrobe doors thanks to Travis and Kim's reno.

Have the best linen cupboard ever!

Then I turned my attention to my studio.

 Look so neat and pristine

But not for long!
Have spent lots of time in there and here are some of the results in no particular order

 Two pastel Teddies

My very first attempt at pastel- "Saltbush and Sand"

Very first acrylic painting a work in progress - "November Cane"
And look another advance in civilization - pictures, lamps and floor rug (with obligatory dog), oh and a pot plant!