Thursday, August 7, 2014

Raising the Cone of Silence

EEK look at the time since I last posted!

Bet you thought that we had been . . .
kidnapped by aliens or

dragged into the bush and devoured by the local Yowies
have completely finished building and are lounging on the verandah entertaining the neighbours


The effort to get in by early December took it's tole. Long hot days and lots of unpacking and setting up a civilised interior in time for the Christmas invasion. 
Jim was really tired, in fact he was exhausted so I would not let him undertake anything. 
Lots of 'oh look it's coffee o'clock' and sitting on the back verandah in the breeze admiring the view and watching the cricket.
When the weather cooled off, did some more. Painted walls and floors. Set up the hanging space in our wardrobe. (soooo good to have clothes hanging instead of stuffed into 200 suitcases) We even have wardrobe doors thanks to Travis and Kim's reno.

Have the best linen cupboard ever!

Then I turned my attention to my studio.

 Look so neat and pristine

But not for long!
Have spent lots of time in there and here are some of the results in no particular order

 Two pastel Teddies

My very first attempt at pastel- "Saltbush and Sand"

Very first acrylic painting a work in progress - "November Cane"
And look another advance in civilization - pictures, lamps and floor rug (with obligatory dog), oh and a pot plant!


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  1. I like your living room even though it is just looks inviting...