Sunday, September 18, 2011

Underwater Ceiling

Summer has flexed her muscles the last few days, just to remind us that she is all-powerful and will not be denied. Memories of last year returned vividly, in particular how hot 'Ourgunyah' got during the day, usually 5-6 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Phew!
So we now have an 'underwater' ceiling.
We lined the ceiling with reflective foil insulation. The internal temperature today was .4 degrees warmer than outside. Much better than 5-6 degrees.
I also put the shade cloth back up along the back wall to reduce the glare.
The next issue to be addressed is to increase ventilation. Will replace 2 of the glass panels with some prop-out timber panels, (with must-have flyscreens to keep the creepy-critters out)
Should be muchbetterer