Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today we started on the internal frames. Sooooo much easier not having to fit between existing posts and not as high either.

 Wall between lounge and kitchen
Wall between kitchen and larder 
 All the framing for the laundry done and dusted.

Monday, December 10, 2012


We have been framed!
Well the outer walls of the house have been. That's what we've been doing this week.
 Each section had to be measured cut, assembled, screwed and lifted into position. With this Supra frame system, there are no noggins only studs. Up to 3 studs are fitted to door openings and 2 to windows. Now lifting two studs is pretty easy as is 2 lengths of U channel. Add up to 12 studs and U channel and they become HEAVY.
4 of the openings were full of studs and a large opening for a sliding door the walls are also 3 metres high. To put them in place we had to slide them out onto the verandah and raise them to fit between the roof purlins and the end of the main beams.
We fitted all the other openings and figured that the Feral Fossils needed help with these.
Turns out that when the brawn department ain't up to it the brains have to take over.
So we propped the top of the wall on the ladder (the Transformer - thanks Olwen) and were able to lift the panels and slot them in. Took about an hour to fit them and screw them off.
Not bad for a couple a fast approaching geriatrics!  

 John came out today with some more metal and an inspection. A few adjustments, but he gave us both an elephant stamp.
Tomorrow we start on the internal walls.