Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Plastered

Yep that's the plan. 
After all, the white tangle of wires have been run from power points and light switches. 
The trench from the solar shed to the house has been dug and the power cable fed through bright orange conduit, and the trench back filled. 
The quilted foil insulation has been laid across the roof and the plumber has been and run the internal copper pipes, so we decided that getting plastered was the go.
Visions of champagne cocktails, bloody marys, Bundy'n'coke, copious quantities of XXXX and us rolling unsteadily out of the door of the local pub no doubt flashed upon your inner eye, but not so.
This morning a truck arrived and by 9am this was all over the front verandah and inside.
We didn't have to lift a finger. Everything was unloaded and place where we requested.
After lunch we got stuck into getting plastered

First of the 6 metre panels up against the wall.

We had a go at putting the second 6 metre sheet on the top of the wall BUT. . . so cut it down and put it up in two sections. Will mean more joints and filling, which is preferable to doing our backs in.
So the main wall in the lounge is done and it took us about 2 hours.
More wall tomorrow!