Friday, December 20, 2013

Promises to Keep

Jim and I promised that, if it was at all possible, we would not spend another hot sweating summer in our cramped, dusty impossible to keep clean and tidy 'temporary accomodation'. The whole thing has just about reached it's use by date and things are falling apart and a bad summer thunderstorm could drive the nail into it's coffin. We thought if we can be in by Christmas that would be great so we have worked to this end, despite delays and me too-ing and fro-ing to Brisbane for my final eye surgery. Hooray!

Well, our promise has been kept.
Furniture was hauled out of the shed and 2 years accumulation of dirt, leaves, rodent and gecko poo was scrubbed off. Ya gotta love solid timber furniture that can stand this sort of treatment with a final blast off with the hose. Dried in the sun, and with the assistance of 'Bobby' and his fork tines, moved up to await entry on the front verandah. 
On Friday 29th November, yep that's right November at 6.30am, all the cold stuff came out of the fridge and the fridge was moved up to the house. Next followed our bed, the other couch from the shed, and the TV, the contents of the kitchen in the caravan, the furniture hauled off the verandah and put in their appointed places. 
Critical boxes were opened in the shed and contents washed, folding tables became work benches and voila!
 Our temporary kitchen and dining area.
The sink is outside and not a bad place to work, even if it is subject to the Currawongs pinching the kitchen sponges and the vagaries of the weather
 The other side of the kitchen.

 The other end of the kitchen/dining including the cocky with no feathers. He loves this spot - close to the kitchen and able to keep an eye on the comings and goings of the local birds.

One end of the lounge aka the 'media room', well media nook really.

The other end is pretty bare, but a rug and some creativity I have planned for a brass framed coffee table will help.

And look! we even have a bedspread and fancy cushion on our bed!
 Still lots to do on the interior including the hall, bedroom 2 and the bathroom as well as lots of boxes still to unpack, but we are IN and life is good!