Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sky Hook

With the bearers for the main floor area finished, the only thing left to do was put up the verandah bearers. These needed notches cut so that they finished flush with the face of the verandah posts.
Fitting the bearers to the front was not really going to present a problem, however, the back was an entirely different situation as the bearers, which weighed around 40kg need to be raised over our heads. There was no way we were going to try and manhandle them up to that height as we value our aging backs and our heads.
Several cups of tea and much discussion and bing! a light bulb moment.
In the shed we had a venerable vintage endless chain workshop hoist, squirreled away just in case.
Hitched the hook over the top of the pole.
Shackled a heavy strap around the beam and lifting it was a piece of cake.  
 Used the hoist to fit the front bearers and it made the job really easy. Absolute control at all times.

The first of the rear bearers lifted in place and being checked for level.
All back bearers done and dusted by lunchtime.
More tea and lots of patting ourselves on the back.

Friday, May 18, 2012


The sub floor is now temporarily in place.
This was so we could mark all the holes to be drilled. 

Olwen took some holidays and came to help. Here she is marking out one of the beams that needed some cutting, and yes all helpers get the funny hat.
Revealing the latest boy's toy in action.
Now I'm not saying that Jim is a push over for TV tools, but I do have to veto things at times, however this boy's toy more than lives up to it's PR.
Introducing the 'doolsaw'
Cut through the steel beams no problems at all. Much better than a cutting wheel - no sparks. Nothing in steel is now safe as he is often heard to say 'I wonder how the 'doolsaw' would cut that'
OK beams all cut and in place, will finish the holes for the bolts tomorrow.
 The two back rows stay, but all the others will be removed to allow access for the next stage, the erection of the 6 main frames


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Beauty of Verticality

My beautiful rows of holes have been considered worthy and now look like this.
 Next the magic potion was poured . . . 
Arcane motions with strange flat implements were were made to the surface and the potion was left to create the earthly bond.
Bracing removed, bearer brackets in place and waiting the delivery of the steel flooring system, due next week.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Love with Holes

Well it had to happen, my new love has arrived.
See . . .  this is the first one, isn't it lovely?

And best of all there are lots of brothers and sisters, all neatly arranged in lines.
Tomorrow they will be inspected and hopefully pronounced correct.