Tuesday, February 12, 2013

After the Gap

Yikes I can't believe it's been two months since I have updated the blog.
The weather over December and January has been so hot here and really all we wanted to do was sit somewhere cool and do as little as possible. In January I went to Melbourne for my nephew Lliam and Rachael's wedding. Fun week with my sister, daughter and people I haven't seen for years.
Arrived back and walked straight into ex-tropical cyclone Oscar. The rainfall was much worse then last year and our creek ran at 20m deep. Bundaberg had the worst flood in history and so many people totally lost their homes and businesses, some still recovering from the last flood.
We were OK, just some water in 'Our Gunyah' and the inconvenience of not being able to get out.

House Report 
We have finished all the internal framing and bracing.
Last Saturday this arrived . . .
 YAY - WINDOWS!!! All the way from CKA on the Gold Coast. Shane has been 'minding' our glass for 18 months and I bet he's glad to see it gone. Really pleased with the quality and coming so far. Thanks Shane.

The view through the above door.
And our bank of louvres

Now the windows are in we can measure for the cladding which will be delivered with the ceiling sections. Install the ceilings and we can get our framing inspection, then we get on with the build all the way up to the final!!