Friday, July 10, 2015

Civilisation Obtained !!!

Here is our outdoor sink all abandoned and forlorn.

No dishrack, no more tied-down pot scrubbers to stop the Butcher Bird from nicking them.
No more moths raining down on a summer night. No more frantic washing with one eye on the approaching storm.

We have this!

Here is the side burner on the BBQ and trusty kettle, all abandoned and forlorn. 

No more boiling innumerable kettles to get hot water.  

We have this!

Here is our trusty galvanised bucket and saucepan, all abandoned and forlorn. 

No more lugging buckets of water to the bathroom and no scrunching up on a seat to make sure you get all the warm water poured from the saucepan.

We have this!!

Oh yeah Civilisation!

A real out-of-the-wall genuine hot shower.
(There is now a very great possibility I will NEVER come out, ever)