Friday, May 18, 2012


The sub floor is now temporarily in place.
This was so we could mark all the holes to be drilled. 

Olwen took some holidays and came to help. Here she is marking out one of the beams that needed some cutting, and yes all helpers get the funny hat.
Revealing the latest boy's toy in action.
Now I'm not saying that Jim is a push over for TV tools, but I do have to veto things at times, however this boy's toy more than lives up to it's PR.
Introducing the 'doolsaw'
Cut through the steel beams no problems at all. Much better than a cutting wheel - no sparks. Nothing in steel is now safe as he is often heard to say 'I wonder how the 'doolsaw' would cut that'
OK beams all cut and in place, will finish the holes for the bolts tomorrow.
 The two back rows stay, but all the others will be removed to allow access for the next stage, the erection of the 6 main frames



  1. I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering where the house progress was. This is very exciting. Each day must feel so much closer to house reality. I can already see beautiful views from your house!

  2. Wow - things are coming along nicely! I bet my husband would love that doolsaw... ;)

  3. Looking wont know your self when you have a real house to sweep and clean and ooooooohhhhhh .... no I am sure you will love it...and you will build it with all the love and quirkiness you put into everything else you do so every corner will have meaning....

    Can you see how green i am ..the incredible hulk would look pale comapared to me...good on you...Kim