Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sky Hook

With the bearers for the main floor area finished, the only thing left to do was put up the verandah bearers. These needed notches cut so that they finished flush with the face of the verandah posts.
Fitting the bearers to the front was not really going to present a problem, however, the back was an entirely different situation as the bearers, which weighed around 40kg need to be raised over our heads. There was no way we were going to try and manhandle them up to that height as we value our aging backs and our heads.
Several cups of tea and much discussion and bing! a light bulb moment.
In the shed we had a venerable vintage endless chain workshop hoist, squirreled away just in case.
Hitched the hook over the top of the pole.
Shackled a heavy strap around the beam and lifting it was a piece of cake.  
 Used the hoist to fit the front bearers and it made the job really easy. Absolute control at all times.

The first of the rear bearers lifted in place and being checked for level.
All back bearers done and dusted by lunchtime.
More tea and lots of patting ourselves on the back.


  1. You guys are amazing...are you doing all of this house yourselves?!
    Great job so far.

  2. Letting your brains do the work is always a good idea! And having the right tools at hand - priceless!
    Wonderful to see the progress.