Wednesday, August 13, 2014


400 bucks for blood tests!!!

so who is responsible for this budget blowout? C'mon fess up!!

For about 8 months now Jarrah has not really been his boofhead indestructible self. 
First his coat has been really dull and scrappy, put down to always lying and rolling in the dirt.
Then he would run out of puff during a walk, particularly up hill. Finally a few weeks ago he started dragging the nails on his hind legs and he really seemed quite depressed.

So off to the vet.

Diagnosis:- probable hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid to you)
Still waiting some final test results, but he has been started on medication and after a week we can see an improvement. Much happier and more interested in life in general.  
Good job he is easy to dose twice a day as this is going to be a life long event.
Meanwhile the rest of us will have to live on sausages and mince.
Oh wait, we already are! 

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