Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow

The silver bells and cockle shells are a no-show and the pretty maid went to seed years ago!
The tomatoes are powering ahead.
In fact they have flowers in little furry hats developing.
The chives and parsley are quickly filling the pot

We are growing Cos lettuces because our favourite Iceberg, go not do well in the hot weather and bolt to seed. They also need to be harvested in one go and we do not have the refrigeration space, so we will be able to take just as many leaves as we need.
My little patch of corn. It will only yield us a few ears, but fresh corn is too good to not to plant.
Behind the corn are some purple carrots. will have to see how I feel about eating purple carrots when they are ready to harvest.
Finally the cucumbers are starting to grow the coiled tendrils and will soon begin their voyage up the lattice.
All this incredible growth has taken place in just 4 weeks


  1. what a fantastic kitchen garden!!! very rich!! here in france i've just cut tomatoes.. and put some vegetables sprouts and other little vegetables.. yours make me dream .; how is it possible to make grow tomatoes in winter? thanks to the srtaw? will you have enouth sun? any way!! it's magical!! bravo

  2. Great to see your garden growing. We have already had frost, so I had to pull down all the green tomatoes and am hoping some of them will ripen still. Purple carrots are mostly purple on the outside. If you want to really eat something wild, get purple potatoes. They are really purple, even after cooking.