Saturday, November 13, 2010

If Ya Ain't Got a Landy Ute. . . .

You're Just Not Really Country

Around here a Toyota Landcruiser Ute is almost compulsory. 
The uniform consists of Akubra hat, check shirt, moleskins or jeans and boots. To complete this uniform is the Landy.
For extra points you need:-
1.  A bullbar
2.  An antenna farm mounted on said bullbar
3.  A snorkle
4.  R M Williams mud flaps
5.  Gympie Muster stickers
for extra pizzaz
6.  A large hound of doubtful parentage who threatens to 'rip ya arm orf' if you get any closer that a metre to the Ute.
We have a Landy Ute.
The "bullbar' is a piece of gate.
The only antenna we have is for the radio
Snorkle are for Jacques Cousteau
Mudflaps were an optional extra
The stickers on the back are too faded to read and
Our dogs will lick you to death.

On the plus side it has the lowest k's on the clock of all our vehicles and we have the original owners service manual.
She's a bit rough and rusty, and like all Landys is built like a brick out house. Suspension as hard as a rock, no power assisted anything, spartan minimalist interior.
The old girl has sat here for about 6 years, unstarted, so we bled the brakes, then the clutch, replaced some fuel lines and finally coaxed her into life. She'd idled but wouldn't rev. 
Our virtual mechanic - phone-a-friend Jim Harris, said to dump the fuel which was no longer fuel after all that time. He also suggested a clean and new gaskets for the carby. Jim was going the Helensvale to collect some aviaries and dropped carby off.
Mr H came through like a beauty and had the carby ready the next day.
With a clean carby she starts and runs smoothly - thanks Mr H

Although we own a Landy Ute no one will ever know we are real country. The old bus is not and never will be registered, so will never be driven into town.
When the locals look suspiciously at us sitting in the Landrover Discovery, we just smile because we know we are real country

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