Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Cup Runeth Over

One of the thing you take for granted in a 'normal' house, is that, when you turn a tap, water comes out.
Up until now water consisted of lugging 20 litre containers, fulling them in town and filling kettles and pots when water was needed for cups of tea and cooking.
Now that we have the tanks, I bought a pressure pump (good old Ebay) and Jim installed it and this is what happens.
Turn the tap - water comes out. Turn the tap off - water stops coming out!
Another sad example of what some people find exciting!


  1. When my husband and I lived in a bus in far north Queensland (Collinsville) on a work campsite we had no running water either. Lugging buckets for cooking and washing the dishes got tired very quickly and I was glad to get back to civilization after 18 months. But I loved being in the bush.

  2. I think that is why it is called an amenity - it is so pleasant to have!
    Glad your life is getting easier. Thanks for the info about the termites - I never would have guessed. But then, the things I don't know about Australia would fill a book...

  3. so happy you have running water! love the new blog...