Monday, October 18, 2010

Until I Get a New Camera

My trusty Fuji camera refuses to switch on.
Yes I have made sure the batteries are correctly inserted and yes I have tested the batteries and they are ok, so it looks as though it has expired.
So the bad news is no more fantastic, exciting ,scintilating posts. The good news is that I won't be able to bore you spitless with trivial drivle either!
So I will now show you some arty-farty flora/fauna shots.

Little golden flowered Hibbertia that spring up everywhere with all the rain.

This is a native hibiscus. Grows to about 2.5 metres high. The leaves are furry and the flowers are a beautiful pink and last for one day. They however, have prickly stems.

A little bush with daisy-like flowers

 This is a zig-zag vine. It starts out as a bush, then turns into a scrambling vine that climbs over other plants.

The pattern of the trunk of a Spotted Gum

The beautiful pattern of bark on another tree.

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  1. Love these photos! That zig-zag vine looks so exotic to me, so interesting. Nothing like that here. And those tree trunks with the absolutely ravishing bark! Doesn't it remind you of patinated metal? If only I could make my metal look like that with patina! Nature truly is the most wonderful artist.