Thursday, October 14, 2010

Small Room - with a View

I have a theory, that all civilised advances are due to the weather. It was the weather that made our ancestors come down from the trees and take up the relative comfort of caves. It was the weather that resulted in them clustering around the warmth of  fire and it was the weather that induced them to cloth themselves in soft skins.
So the weather has caused us to make another civilised advance.
For the last few days we have had rain. Now we are quite snug in our little abode but calls of nature became water torture. Sitting on the 'dunny stump' in the rain and wind struggling with a unruly umbrella that exposed more than it covered then to find that the toilet roll melted in your hand because you had left it hanging on the toilet roll tree brought about a swift response.
A quick shuffle through our tin stash and we had enough for 3 walls and a roof. A little carpentry, some paint and a deep hole and we now have the 'Littlest Room" complete with a view.
 Aaaaah bliss. No more rain where you least want it, no more damp derrieres and no more soggy amorphous paper masses.
Then there is the view. Gazing off to the distant mountains beats a magazine any day. And at night the new moon in the western sky shines directly through the door.
It's almost as good as indoor plumbing - almost.


  1. Now, that has style! When I go to the "little room", I only get to look at the wall. Although I am planning a bit of mixed media in there. But a view of the mountains - priceless!

  2. Keep it coming Mum.... love the stories and picis... keeps me 'satisfied' although a little disturbed after this storey, until I get to come up to see you next, ha ha. Will be up in Qld in early Nov but unsure if I'll make it all the way up to you as will run out of time. But am DEFINITELY taking a bit of time off over Christmas and coming up.... so fill the jug with running water from that tap and prepare yourself.... give my love to Dad... miss you guys :o(

  3. Magic view, just watch out for red-backs!