Monday, October 4, 2010

The Big Smoke and A Successful Dance

Friday morning, with the trailer in tow, I left for the big smoke. 
No not Bundaberg the really big smoke - Brisbane. 
First to my son and daughter-in-laws to deliver the handmade clown I purchased at our local craft gallery as a birthday present for Isaac. Then on to the Gold Coast to pick up some stuff from Helensvale, then on to Advancetown for the Baby Bat Workshop.
As I drove south the clouds became thicker with misty patches of rain. Saturday the rain became more frequent the closer I came to the Gold Coast. Saturday night and all day Sunday the rain was almost continuous and Sunday night was very heavy.
Clearly as a rain-dancer my ability to produce rain is established. My sense of direction, however requires some fine tuning! And, you guessed it, drove back in brilliant sunshine

Great time with family lotsa yacking. And great to catch up with all the batty people and get a bat cuddle-fix. No baby flying-foxes for me this year *sigh*


  1. Glad to hear you made it home safe and it was good to see you Mum.

  2. Wow - a rain dancer! Actually, my husband and I are rain gods. Everytime we go on vacation - it rains! LOL
    Sounds like you had a good trip and made it back home safely.
    Hope things are progressing nicely...