Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let the Rain-Dancing Begin

Our water supply consisted of 1000 litres in a portable tank (was used to transport Guiness from Ireland and yes it was empty when we got it and no there was no residue) and about 500 litres in the green tank. The water in these tanks was stained by tannin in the leaves that had filled the gutters to overflowing and was ok for washing. Drinking water was collected weekly in two 20 litre containers. We used about 200 litres per week and luckily the periods of rain we had were enough to fill the tanks. 
To ensure an adequate supply new tanks were needed. We bought two 5500 litre tanks at clearance price. They are actually made for molasses and are much heavier than what is manufactured for water. They are also black, but as they will eventually supply water only for the vegie patch - never mind the colour - feel the price!
A base of crusher dust mixed with cement powder was laid and we rolled the tanks into position and used the bobcat to lift them up (they weigh 175kg each)
A bit of shuffling and they were in position, still coated in dust from the move.
Next day went into Gin Gin and got all the fittings to plumb them into the gutters.
With one eye on the sky, as storms were starting to build, the Old Bloke shinnied up the ladder and fitted the piping.
Then we sat and waited and got this
enough to fill the tank to the outlet gate valve, which is ok but we are buying a load Saturday for a full tank.

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