Monday, September 27, 2010


Our son Travis and granddaughters Erin and Abby turned up for a visit. Travis also bought us up a spare TV so Jim could watch the AFL Grand Final. The remote on the other little TV we have has ceased to function and the only thing you could watch was the Tobo announcement, and the novelty wore off very quickly.He also bought 2 panels for the solar hot water system. The heat exchange unit is to come. (This is our Christmas/Birthday Presents for years to come)

The dogs couldn't wait for the kids to get out and leapt into the car and proceeded to distribute cainine-kisses to all.

When asked to remove his shoes at the annexe Travis said "Oh that's a bit on the posh side"  followed by "Wow it is posh" after he stepped through the door. Erin loved the place. Thought it was like a cubby-house, except she was concerned that it might be a little too small for us, so were going to build a second story!
Abby quickly mastered the Port-a-Potty and wanted to show everyone how to do it. All were charmed by the ever increasing flock of King Parrots that visit.
Sat at night talking and laughing, grandpa reading with Abby and discussing whales, bats and how grandpa and grandma live in the bush.
Next day all up at 6am courtesy of the kookaburras.
We all had breakfast by the fire and some father/son/granddaughter bonding. Lots of tall tales and laughter.
After breakfast we drove down to the creek which is badly overgrown with lantana. Despite this the creek is still beautiful and the dogs and kids paddled in the water .
Next came a ride on the bobcat.
Erin grinning from ear to ear, accompanied by panting dogs.
Abby, on the otherhand found the whole thing a little overwhelming and wanted OUT!
All too soon it was time for them to leave and as they left, quiet descended, the birds returned and the dogs, totally exhausted crashed for the rest of the day.
It was soooooo lovely to see them, but I will be seeing them all next weekend and will be able to give little Isaac lots of hugs and kisses as he is having his 1st birthday this weekend.

I know both Travis and Olwen have been concerned about us and whether we are ok. I hope, after this visit, that not only are we OK but loving it!

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  1. So nice to have someone come by. And I bet it is posh!
    BTW - love the all-natural loo!