Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Farewell to Trees

As life-time member, and card carrying, ecological, greenie tree-huggers, the most difficult decision we have had to make was to have trees cut down. We need to remove trees for the solar powers system and for the house. starting with the area for the power system.
For all you tree-huggers who have not cut down a tree, believe me they are MUCH bigger on the ground than standing up and the canopy is huge, so we decided that instead of us having the "blood sap of trees" on our hands we would call in some professionals. We were quoted $2000 to remove them and mulch the canopy.
The day before, we asked the tree permission to cut them and thanked them and honoured their life and their sacrifice on our behalf.
Crew and equipment arrived promptly at 8am. Its a family business, father and son and one offsider. Father does all the quoting and the son does all the work (Sounds like a good formula to me)
By 8.30 the first tree hit the ground. We both winced. The branches were quickly removed and picked up by the bobcat and fed into the mulcher. Next went the trunk, also quickly and noisily turned into fine chips.
This process continued all morning and finished about 11.30. They were very pleasant young men and did a thorough and professional job. The big surprise was the total cost - $1500,  less than quoted. Not very often that happens!
We now have a huge pile of mulch and
a large open area of sky to catch the sun.

Footnote: One of the local brush-turkeys wandered up to the pile, stopped and took in the height and length of the heap. Could almost hear him - ' wooaaaahhhh dude, cool nest construction. Man its big and done sooooo quickly wowzaaaaa!'

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  1. I am sure you didn't really want a tree house...