Tuesday, September 21, 2010


 A gunyah was a shelter made of bark by Aboriginals in Victoria. It became a popular name for houses.
We decided that it was a good name for out shelter.

The photos were taken several days later. 
Awnings, that anyone else would have taken to the tip, are on 2 sides and keep the sun off the glass and the rain off the entry. They also create a breezway and funnel the breeze through where we sit when its hot.
We have put up the big shade cloth panel and this really helps to keep the interior cooler. Needs to be higher off the roof.

 Interior shots.
The lounge area with the pot-belly heater

The office, at the opposite end to the lounge.

The bedroom, between the caravan and the lounge. Note the bed-spread!
The entry to the caravan
The fact that the upholstery in the caravan co-ordinates with the couch and bedspread was a bonus! The floor has carpet.
The pot-belly is great - takes the chill out of the place at night.
So you can see that we are pretty comfortable.

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