Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Whole Week

Yesterday was Sunday and we have been here one whole week! Seems longer as we have been busy and have accomplished such a lot.
Today we sheeted the roof, well 3/4 of it, but we didn't have quite enough in our 'tin stash'.
Not to be put off we began installing the walls.
Now what do you think we are going to use for the walls? Being scroungers, hoarders, pack rats and tip shop-a-holics we have squirreled away aaaaall sorts of useful 'stuff'. In this case a whole block of reject toughened door panels! - been in the shed for 3 years.

So our you-beaut annexe will have glass walls.

 Sorry no photos - ran out of battery for camera and trying to charge them on three hours per night don't work .Another trip to Bundy tomorrow for some roofing iron and other things to finish the job. Oh and batteries

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  1. Sounds like great progress. Can't wait to see pictures.