Saturday, August 21, 2010

Decisions and Departures

We always intended to move to our block in then bush when we retired.
We imagined that we would have sold the house in Helensvale and would be able to start building our new house immediately. However, fate had different plans for us.
For 6 months it was like living in molasses. Waiting, waiting, waiting while the legal situation evolved and solicitors negotiated back and forwards. In the end we had to make the descision to rent the house and go. The situation will resolve itself and there was nothing we could do to change or influence it.
We are fortunate that the house is being rented by friends of our daughter and they are lovely people!
So came the packing of 25 years of 'stuff'
Jim made several trips with the trailer well loaded.
On Saturday 21st August, with the final trailer loads in tow on separate vehicles, we left the driveway, headed to the highway and turned north.
I had all the birds on board. For about 3/4 hour on of the cockies screeched, and I had the vision of a very long trip. In the end he settled down. Every so often 'hello cockie' would drift from the rear, followed by ' Hello Freddie Boy.' from the galah.
The trip was uneventful and we turned into our driveway at about 8.30 at night, We fed the dogs, transferred Tawny Frogmouths to the aviary and fed them and gave all the others water,and
crawled into bed.
Tomorrow is the first day of our new life.

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