Saturday, August 28, 2010

Construction Begins

Went to the market in Gin Gin this morning. Lots of fresh fruit and vegies, organic free-range eggs, plants, old wares, second hand books, hand made soap, big boxes of sweet fat strawberries. Had to watch myself as the fridge space is limited.

Then the construction began. The annexe will be 4m x 4m with a tin roof. Laid a large tarp on the ground to keep the water out.
Assembling the wall frames.
Standing the wall frames up.
Tomorrow we start on the roof.

Tried my hand a cooking a roast on the 'hot water service' Think I had it on tooo long - a little dark and dry, but we ate it with gusto anyway.

The small generator we use for lights and the radio at night began playing up - started burning out light bulbs. We use incandescent bulbs because they are not so sensitive to the vagueries of generators so blowing them meant we had to use compact fluros. When Jim checked it was putting out 300 volts eeeek! so will have to use the big noise 5kva generator and find a loooooooong extension chord so we can move it as far away as possible!

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  1. Well, this is what would be called "roughing it", I guess. It does read like a real adventure. Hoping you are doing well and I am so happy you have already found a place that will show your jewelry. Congrats!
    Looking forward to hearing more.