Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Uppers and Downers

Another dawn start. Made a cuppa, lit the fire (sorry hot water service) and sat enjoying the morning, then took the dogs for a walk, which they loved.
Unloaded the rest of the trailer and set up our PROPPER bed. Oh Joy - no more stones and touching the ground when the mattress deflates just enough.
Organised our 'lounge' with some side tables (boxes) and some lamps.
After lunch we went to collect the little pot-belly heater. Again spent about an hour chatting and came away with a gas heater as a free-bee as well.
The gas fridge in the caravan is not working which presents a problem. When we move some more 'stuff' will remove the cover panel and give it a good clean. Hopefully that will do the trick.
I was delighted to find a 'sweet spot' for the mobile broadband connection. Now the only thing stopping me is limited battery life!
Turned rather cold tonight so have 4 blankies on the bed plus the woolen doona. The only problem with this combination is, when you get into bed ya can't move cos the weight holds ya down! - not to mention 2 kelpies in the bed on the 3rd cackle of the kookaburras first thing in the morning

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