Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last night about 8.30 the big 5kva generator we have been using instead of the small one began to run erratically accompanied by spectacular jets of flame. It was quickly shut down plunging us into darkness. And trust me when it is dark here its dark!
 Jim tried to start it - no compression.
Oh well an early night.

Next morning he removed the head and the inlet valve was not connected to anything!
A trip to the local small engine mechanic. This bloody generator is about 20 years old and had done about 100 hours at the most. It came from a time when thing were made from solid steel and weighs a ton. Had to use the bobcat to load it in the trailer.

The prospect of not having a generator for who knows how long was very daunting. So, we bit the bullet and bought a new one from the local hardware store. 2.2kva petrol with an electric start. Left a $900 hole in the bank account, but, starts easy as pie, runs most things and is much more economical fuel wise and does not need a 5 mile long extension cord to silence it in the bush

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  1. Ouch is right! But it isn't easy to do anything without electricity any more, is it?