Saturday, November 24, 2012

Over Head at Last

Thursday morning we began the installation of the main roof.
The first sheet goes down followed by sliding the sarking underneath. The sarking is not for insulation but is a fire retardant material designed to stop embers entering the roof in the event of a bushfire.
Fortunately there was very little wind which made handling the sarking easy. It was however very hot on the roof. Despite the heat, John worked at a very steady pace with Jim and I passing up the sheets .
By late afternoon more than half the roof was covered.

 Friday we completed the roof. By this time our charmed spell of calm weather had ended and a fickle wind blew in fits and starts from several directions. A few times the build resembled 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' with lengths of silver sarking billowing in the wind.
Next Jim and I unloaded some of the steel studs while John fixed the ridge capping.
The day ended with a lesson in stud wall assembly.
The roof is not totally screwed off, but this can be done over a period of time definitely on cloudy days.
With the roof on we can now mark out the internal wall positions and bliss oh bliss work in the shade and not in the blazing sun! 

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  1. It's really looking like a house now! Great that you will have some good shade to work in... Look forward to seeing more.