Thursday, December 23, 2010

Singers of the Rain

With all the heavy rain, the local tree frogs have all gone into breeding mode. The night is filled with 'braaks', 'pips' and 'moans' and a few days ago we looked into a bucket filled with fresh rain water and there they were - Taddies!
They are growing as we watch and as there are so many of them, we are concerned if there is enough food for all of them.
And that, dear reader, leads nicely to my Vegetable Garden.

The vegies have not fared well with all the rain.
Firstly the cucumbers have powdery mildew, and the leaves are turning yellow and dying. In spite of this they still harbour plans for world domination.

I have ONE capsicum

The beans have fared better and are currently eyeing the gutter on the shed as the next place to wrap their stems
The lettuces have bolted and are developing flowers. So why haven't I pulled them out. I'm not sure why but I think the universe told me to keep them.
Of course! The lettuce leaves will be used to provide food for the tadpoles.
Every few days we boil a few leaves and the little taddies get stuck into them. 
So soon we will have smiling green children of the damp places, singers of the rain.

Last night in bed, with fireflies winking and frogs calling Jim said "you realise that if all those tadpoles change. . .'
'Yes' said I foolishly. . .
Jim - 'we will probably end up 'nee-deep' in frogs!'

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  1. Yes, you will most likely be knee deep in froggies. But then, that might not be such a bad thing. Less mosquitos and flies, I think.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Greer!