Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Bush Christmas

Christmas Tree 
Well its more like a Christmas Twig. A very sad bare little twig, but we had to have somewhere for Santa to leave the pressies if he made it through.

The Festive Table
I laid the table with my best Laminex tablecloth.
 Next I laid out the lovingly polished cutlery which was reputedly to have been passed down from Great Grandma K-Mart

 Next the exquisitely crafted dinner plates flown in from Corelle by Corning at great expense.
 The plates are graced by some hand woven and hand dyed table napkins. Or maybe they were crocheted from green plastic garbage bags.
Either way they are artisan made.

I was lucky enough to get the very last frozen chicken in the supermarket freezer case. I made stuffing with a delicious rice mixture. (Last night's tea) and roasted it in the tiny gas oven in the caravan. Although the oven has a thermostat, I think it 
only has 2 settings - flat out and off.
The roast came out a treat!
As well as pot roasted potatoes the feast also included freshly picked dehydrated peas with butter sauce.
You will note the golden gravy lovingly cradled in the exquisite ancient glass jug we got at an archaeological dig in Pyrex.

We sat down to the luxurious spread and supped wine from finely crafted goblets that had once belonged to a fearless sea captain.
The wine we chose was a cheeky little white from Chateau Sprite.
To finish this creative and wonderous repast, we had fruit cake bursting with artificial flavours, yellow custard with artificual colours and low fat/calorie/taste cream and . . .


no fair!!!!!!!!




    Miss you guys hope you had a nice christmas

  2. And I bet it was the most delicious Christmas lunch ever!