Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Boring Wall Shots

That's what I was going to inflict on you.

Lots and lots of walls and close ups of screws beautifully placed just below the surface of the gyprock, oh and shots of joint tape then acres of horizontal and vertical plastered joints and the subtle spotting of filled screw holes.
But then I took pity on you and decided on Boring Ceiling Shots instead!

The Feral Fossil Team's greatest challenge was to get the gyprock from floor level to ceiling height. We looked at hiring a panel lifter - $130 per week eeek at our pace we would need a morgtage. So bought one for 190 bucks - bargain!
Meet the 'Tangerine Dream Machine'

Tilt the head, lift a sheet onto the arms, lower head, wheel into position and crank it up. Too easy

First panel in place ready to screw off. (You won't believe how many screws are in this house)

Takes about an hour to measure, cut, check the fit, glue battens, re fit sheet and screw off.
Had this done by Sunday afternoon. Will have lounge finished this morning. 
To start the kitchen/dining we have to move the cornice somewhere so that we don't trip over it or damage it. You have no idea how many times we have to shift stuff

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