Monday, June 13, 2011

Winter Vegies

Summer was tough on the vegie garden. Only the corn did well and we had some beautiful sweet plump cobs from them. The rest hated all the rain. The tomatoes turned up their toes twice, the capsicums sulked, the cucumbers became powdery mildew city and the climbing beans refused to flower and the grass hoppers ate them.
So I am trying again.
Some Greenfeast peas (same as my Dad grew). They should give us a good yield before the warm weather arrives. The beans should go on producing until it gets too hot or wet later this year. Broccoli - again a cool weather planting and tomatoes that should go right through until autumn.
Mmmmmmmm fresh peas with mint, beans with garlic and lemon butter, steamed broccoli and plump cherry tomatoes. Hope the vegie patch gods are good to me this year.

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  1. Hoping the green gods are with you - I am not sure how our veggies are going to do this year - the tomatoes are growing, but not producing many blooms - the weather keeps going warm - too cold - warm - too cold... the hot peppers my husband wants are just not growing - too cold - the zucchini aren't happy with the temps either... I have given up entirely on bell peppers and eggplant.